Dawn to Dusk 2022

It's been a little while. Yeah, I've been a little off this year, skunking in 3 tournaments in a row. Lovely. Let's just say bad game day decisions. On a brighter note, the Monsta Banana is no longer mine. It serves another master, hopefully well. I have acquired a 2021 PA 14, rigged with the same pvc rod holder that's served me well through 3 kayaks, $40 eva floor installed personally, a new and improved 7' x 1 1/2" mud anchor complete with paracord grip, and lastly a Lowrance 9" [...]

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Chill Factor: Minimalist Challenge 2022

Sorry it's been a while.  Website issues caused me to write and loose 3 articles. Yeah. Anyways, I scouted 3 of 4 Minimalist Zone launches at least 10 times, with numerous people including Wade Barbay,  Josh Redd, Austin Johnson and Michael Ethridge. We caught fish everywhere but very few trout on the west side of the ship channel.  I caught good quantities of trout, reds and bass, and even a flounder, in and around Lena Lagoon.  In one situation, 4 species anchored in one spot. Everyone knows of my penchant [...]

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Fall N Tide 2021: Squeaky Drive Spectacular

ThursdayGot home on schedule just after 5 and staged gear. Wife got home at 525 and backed the truck to the cart, gave me hugs and kisses, wished me good luck and took off with her sister. 20 minutes later I was getting on I10 and a few minutes later I was idling in afternoon traffic. What was running through my mind was all the scouting I'd done in the past few weeks and where I was going to fish. Decisions, decisions. I got out of Belle Chasse right around [...]

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Ecstasy and Agony of GI July 4th, 2021

Woke up about 45 minutes early, as usual, loaded remaining gear and rolled. Family out of town already so got fresh homemade coffee, ahhhhhhhh. Stopped at Cash Magic to find bearded lady not there but replaced by energetic brunette lady who was actually cleaning instead of holding up the counter, quite an upgrade. Wow, friendly too! Evacuated colon, coffee and iced up. Called Josh Redd to tell him I was way early and just going to launch instead of Tyd's. No breakfast today except my trusty banana.Launched at kayak launch [...]

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Where Y’at 2021

I scouted Shell Beach the weekend before. Caught reds and trout but no bass. Water was incredibly high so I figured no big deal.  Watched the weather closely and after my wife saw sign up sheet on FB, asking why I wasn't on it, signed up.  The MRGO is not safe in high north or south wind. Woke at 315, extra early, after too much iced tea the night before. Got out the house forgetting only my banana quickly and skipped my coffee stop with visions of SEC.  I call [...]

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Paddlepalooza 2021

FRIDAYWoke at 320 Friday and rolled south, with fresh coffee. Plan was meet Josh Redd at Catfish Lake for some scouting. We have been on good fish further south, but the weather had been horrible all week and all bets were off. I skipped the stop with the bearded lady as I had already performed bowel evacuation at home, so iced down at Rouses. We were launching early since rain was forecast.As soon as we started pedaling, I was amazed at the power coming from my drive. Justin Lang at [...]

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Scouting Paddlepalooza 4321

Saturday Spam woke me up at 244 AM, lovely. Took my time and brewed my own coffee again.  Rolled south and started getting hungry. When I passed the Awful Haus in Luling, I thought about it, having so much time and all, but nay, can't be seen there. Got off one exit late from 90 hoping something would be open in Mathews.  Awful Haus was, nay, again.  Stopped at the bearded lady for ice and coffee and she asked if I was a guide. I smiled and said, yes, but [...]

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Double Day Duel 2021

Saturday Well, I've been fishing Bason's since Minamalist except for a weekend at PAC for the Lafayette Slottery Tournament, which was brutal for me. Anyway,  I made 3 hardcore trips to Bason's and was very successful each time, catching well over a limit. I got about 6 hours of sleep which is pretty good for me before a tournament.  My wife was out of town so I was able to turn lights on and make my own coffee instead of the gas station swill. Ahhhhhhhhh! Got up at 248, a [...]

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