The Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club (BCKFC) is a Non-Profit 501(c)(7) volunteer run organization with a strong focus on developing all aspects of kayak fishing and paddling as a recreational and competitive sport in Louisiana and throughout the Gulf Coast.  Founded in 2005 by several enthusiasts, the club has quickly grown into one of the premier kayak fishing clubs in the US and the largest in the entire Gulf Coast with over 500 active members and growing.  The club strives to provide a friendly organization for area kayak fisherman from all across the South.  With an open public forum as well as a private member’s section, there is a wealth of information and ideas that have accumulated here since this club began many years ago from experienced kayakers and fishermen alike.

The club operates year round with extensive public presence to promote the interest in kayak fishing.  BCKFC coordinates numerous top level competitive events including its two signature tournaments Paddle Palooza and Fall N’ Tide which attract over 500 competitors and receive broad media attention throughout Louisiana and the Gulf Coast area.  The club is also well known for its Championship Tournament Series, consisting of four qualifying events and one championship event spread across various Louisiana coastal parishes.  These events are an excellent way to get in on some great conversation and camaraderie with the most talented kayak fishermen in the area.  The food and fun at the weigh-ins alone are well worth the price of admission.

In addition to the tournament style events, the club’s activities also include many public kayak and fishing workshops, product reviews, and charitable events throughout the year.  BCKFC also partners with local sponsors in southern Louisiana to put on demonstration days that allow those interested to try out numerous different styles of kayaks on the market and help answer any questions they might have.

BCKFC makes every effort to insure that a public presence is maintained to protect the interest of kayak fishermen.  We do so by keeping friendly, professional contacts with local communities and businesses that surround the most popular fishing areas and by maintaining an image of great sportsmanship.  Whether you paddle or pedal, whether you fish from a deluxe Hobie Pro-angler or a basic pirogue, the Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club is the best place for you to find all of the information you need to get the most out of this great sport in this great state we call the Sportsman’s Paradise.