About Our Members

Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club manages to be one of the fastest growing kayak fishing clubs in the nation, while maintaining the feel of a group of friends that fish together.  Our membership freely offers fishing reports, rigging tips, product reviews and all of the info a newcomer to the sport could ever need.  While much of this discussion takes place on our public forum, most fishing reports and insider tips are posted in our members-only forums.  Why else should you become a member?

Benefits Of Membership At A Glance

  • Right to vote in elections and other club issues
  • Access to a “members only” section of our website including fishing reports and other informative discussions
  • Early registration access for our Minimalist Challenge tournament
  • Eligible to qualify for the BCKFC Championship tournament
  • Eligible to accrue Angler of the Year points
  • Eligible to participate in the year-long Massey’s Fish Pics tournament
  • Access to the BCKFC kayak launch & fishing maps
  • Enhanced web forum features
  • Discounts with select sponsors

Truly the biggest benefits of becoming a paid member are intangible.  Any BCKFC member will tell you that with all the money we spend on baits, licenses, line, boats, rod holders and the like, donating $25 to BCKFC once a year is the best deal in kayak fishing.  Lifelong friendships have been made and countless curious newbies have become experts at fishing coastal Louisiana as a result of the connections made and information shared by the club.  If you are on the fence about joining, come to any event and introduce yourself.  Chances are someone will cook you food, someone will offer to take you fishing, and if you don’t have a kayak of your own don’t be surprised if someone offers you theirs to try.

BCKFC Individual Membership
$26.06 / Year
Annual membership for one individual to the Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club which includes automatic renewals each year thereafter.
This membership includes only the individual attached to this account.
BCKFC Family Membership
$42 / Year
Annual family membership to the Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club which includes automatic renewals each year thereafter.
A family membership includes a person, their spouse, as well as any dependent children.