How It Works:

The intention of our “Angler of the Year” title is to recognize the angler who most consistently places the highest in all 5 of our Championship Series events throughout the year. Club members that participate will be awarded points based on where they place in each tournament. In order to earn points towards for Angler of the Year, you must be a paid club member at the time of each event that you compete in.  Club members must also fish at least 3 of the 5 tournaments in the series. The club member with the highest point total at the end of the series will be named Angler of the Year.

Points Accumulation:

Points will be awarded to all members that weigh in at least one fish, starting at 300 and reducing by one point per place. Points are NOT awarded for non-members. At the end of the series, each angler’s lowest tournament score will be dropped from their total. It is important that each angler weigh in fish, even though he/she may not place.

Here is an example of how tournament points will be awarded:

1st Place – 300 Points
2nd Place – 299 Points
3rd Place – 298 Points
4th Place – 0 Points (Non-member)
5th Place – 296 Points
6th Place – 295 Points
7th Place – 0 Points (Non-member)
8th Place – 293 Points
9th Place – 292 Points
10th Place – 291 Points

Qualifying Events:

The following is a list of the five events in which you can earn points for Angler of The Year:

1) Minimalist Challenge
2) Redfish Rumble
3) Dawn to Dusk
4) Trout Challenge
5) BCKFC Championship