Redfish Rumble

Date: Saturday, April 8, 2017

Location: St. Bernard Parish

Object: The heaviest total weight of up to 3 slot redfish (16” to less than 27”) and any combination of 3 Speckled Trout (12″ or greater) and 3 Bass (11″ or greater) will win (maximum total stringer of 6 fish).

Anglers: 87

Main Category

Place Name Total (LBS)
1st Josh Reppel 28.88
2nd Bill Crawford 26.82
3rd Shawn Rogers 26.55
4th Aaron Breaux 26.54
5th Michael Ethridge 25.96
6th Chuck Bahan 24.40
7th Alex Stephens 23.69

Optional Calcutta(s)

Category Name Total
Big Fish Bill Crawford 8.30 LBS
Leopard Red Jeff Kreller 13 Spots