Spam woke me up at 244 AM, lovely. Took my time and brewed my own coffee again.  Rolled south and started getting hungry. When I passed the Awful Haus in Luling, I thought about it, having so much time and all, but nay, can’t be seen there. Got off one exit late from 90 hoping something would be open in Mathews.  Awful Haus was, nay, again.  Stopped at the bearded lady for ice and coffee and she asked if I was a guide. I smiled and said, yes, but not right now.  When I got to Galliano the arches called and I got my breakfast.  Nowhere near Tyd’s, but it’s the only available. Disappointing.

Kept rolling down Hwy 1 till the end, where I met Bobby Triche. We pedaled around the rocks to the flat and hit it hard for about an hour, nada. It was kinda breezy and water clarity was poor. We talked about alternatives and decided moving west was the best bet. We launched between Chenier Caminada and Fourchon on the north side. The water  was better and somewhat protected.  We pedaled out towards some islands and damned if Bobby didn’t catch a legal fish. About time! We both caught a couple dinks and agreed to split up to cover water. I went east around a point and fished the shoreline hard, nada. The sausage biscuits were talking pretty loud so I bid them adieu,  Stacey style! I tried going through a cut but ran out of water so worked my way back to the islands where we started.  A large slick had appeared on a current line and it produced a couple legal trout,  then a bull red, then a stingray. No I didn’t loose my Vuduencork. Popped around and Bobby called saying he was done. I caught another legal trout on the way back.  We loaded up and went in opposite directions again.  He north to an employment obligation,  and I south again.

I had excellent timing and pulled up at Benjamin Day’s site at Bridgeside just has he and Alex Fortenberry were putting vittles on the grill. It was great to take a break and hang out with the fellas. I got to meet the delightful Lauren Day and dine on jalapeno poppers, boudin and burgers.  Fabulous! We talked about the dismal morning conditions and I told them my afternoon would be complete as the wind was laying down and a few clouds were showing up.  I had been cheated of my topwater fix due to poor morning conditions. Josh Redd called and said he was on a good trout bite and that was the alarm for my exit. I thanked my hosts and made my way north.

Josh was pulling out and I was launching, at 4, 3rd time today.  I felt like we were tag team wrestling when we fist bumped. I launched quickly and pedaled my butt off. When I reached the area he told me about I threw the old faithful topwater and had a blowup,  still too sunny.  The water had started out at 57 degrees but was now well over 60. Caught several on Vuduencork then it started clouding up. I moved to a point where the current was moving and it was on! The trout were nailing the topwater.  I only hooked about one out of three but they were coming out of the water with it. Watching the airborne aerobatics was outstanding and I was in heaven.  Yeah, this is why I came. I bagged a dozen 15 and 16″ fish. Caught one 17.5″ and released. Caught several more, then something made my drag scream. Yes, visions of huge trout splendor turned into an upper slot red, released. The wind had kicked back up and it was getting late so I pedaled back to the launch, goofy with excitement. A shore fisherman was at my launch site and asked if I caught anything.  I opened my box and watched him light up when he saw my trout,  still alive.  Yeah, I gave him some before loading and hauling booty. I called Memaws and no answer. Damned if they weren’t closed. Heartbreaker, no pork chops for me! I checked into the glamorous Galliano Inn and cleaned fish. The restaurant across the street looked open but wouldn’t answer the phone.  Too late. I was relegated to Sonic, which is better than nothing.  I  walked in the room at 830, ate, showered and was out like a light by 9.  The Galliano Inn has stepped it up yet again and is now providing Hawaiian Tropic Silky Coconut shampoo and soap! I love going to bed all silky coconutty after a long day of fishing!



You know those people who launch waaaaay before everyone else and go waaaaay away. Yeah, that’s me! I was in the water by 530 and 4 miles into the wind at first light. I was in a spot I thought would be first light, topwater heaven.  It was breezy, the tide low, water slightly murky. I don’t know if water temp dropped or what but heaven turned out to be hell. In my first hour,  only had a few blowups,  none hooked. I started working the shoreline and it clouded up, so again I launched the topwater.  Success! A legal trout in the bag. It would be the only one on topwater today.  I started throwing Vuduencork and drifting back towards the launch picking up a trout here and there. The wind kicked up even worse and water clarity decreased.  Yeah. I just drifted back.  Got out of the water before noon. Disappointing.

I fished some new spots and got to hang out with my buddies.  That was my goal so I feel I had a successful weekend.  I’m really looking forward to Paddlepalooza and all that it entails.  Already booked at Bridgeside and ready to rock. Get signed up and come on down.  I’ll see you in the drive through.  I can’t wait!