So July has been outstanding! I went to Chicago for the weekend of the 4th but got back home at 145AM on the 4th, washed my face, changed clothes and went fishing with decent results. The next 2 weekends I was able to fish Saturday and Sunday both weekends, laying waste to many trout and aggravating several charter captains at the Bridgeside cleaning table. The first weekends fish were given to the guys I work with. One mentioned that those were some huge trout fillets and asked if he could come with me. He didn’t like the answer. The next weekends fish went to family and a couple customers. The highlight was one of my prospects went fishing with poor results so and I presented him with a large bag of fillets, with the competition’s rep watching, with jaw hanging. Quite satisfying.

Then I had an article published in Marsh and Bayou magazine.  Fluffy little piece about fishing Grand Isle with no colon relief content, edited to include a mention of Awful Haus.
This Wednesday I jetted over to Orlando to meet Justin Lang of the soon to be open No Wake Outfitters in Metairie, for a shopping trip at ICast. Lord! Want to talk about sensory overload? Every major rod, reel and tackle manufacturer was there, with everything they sell. Not just one, but every size reel, rod, every color soft bait and hard, every hook, swivel and line available. Seen it online or heard about it? It was there. Kayaks, electronics, knives, boat and kayak accessories, bait buckets, scents, worms, sunscreen, detail supplies, clothes, shoes, lights…… you’re beginning to get the picture. Celebrity fisherman everywhere and accessible. Got to shake hands and talk with several guys I’d love to fish with, awesome! The only tough thing is you don’t actually get to buy anything! It’s where dealers see the new offerings and make orders. Brutal! I was surprised at the limited samples offered but did manage to get a few on the last day. Our sponsor Pure Fishing has a topwater called JWalker that I like a lot and were dumping “key chains”. Yeah, I put rings and hooks on em! It took us a day and a half to see everything! Unbelievable event! I will say that most rod and reel manufacturers are venturing into the bait market. 13Fishing had an amazing assortment of hard baits and yall are going to see some amazing soft plastics in the near future.
I came home Saturday and was able to fish today. Well I had to try some of the new stuff out, didn’t I?
This month’s gonna be hard to top, but I’m gonna try! Can’t wait till next trip!